Swim with Whale Sharks

Lucky scuba divers might come across zebra sharks and swim with whale sharks while diving in the Maldives. The zebra shark is not a particularly common shark but is quite stunning in appearance. Also known as the leopard shark, the zebra shark is a species of carpet shark and the zebra sharks behavior finds the creature usually moving around the seabed, close to the coral reef. Most of a zebra sharks prey is caught at night, since the shark is a nocturnal creature. A zebra sharks diet consists mainly of small fish and crustaceans. These are just a handful of the shark types seen in the Maldives. Other species include the nurse shark, variegated shark, snaggletooth shark, silvertip shark, silky shark, tiger shark and sliteye shark, and many others, which together make the Maldives a great destination for shark-loving scuba divers.

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