Scuba Dive Cruise Report from Maldives Diving Liveaboard MV ORION

This scuba dive cruise report, made on board MV Orion between the 15th and 26th November 2010 may give you a taste about famous dive sites Maldives and diving from a liveaboard in Maldives.

Diving starts in the early morning and makes your breakfast on board after the dive extremly tasty. After having a rest on board, the second dive starts before lunch - maybe whale shark watching in ari atoll? Dive number three is usually offered in the afternoon, in between the dives you have plenty of time to enjoy the comfort on maldives diving liveaboard MV Orion, one of the best Maldives dive safari boat. This is the latest scuba dive cruise report:

16/11 – Kurumba HR (N.MALE) – White tips, eagle ray`s
             - Lankan Manta Point (N.MALE) – 3 manta ray`s on cleaning station. 2 hawkbills

17/11 – Rasdhoo Blue (RASDHOO) – 17 hammerheads @ 28m. 1 swam around whole group.
                Oceanic eagle ray
              - Rasdhoo Madivaru (RASDHOO) – white tip shark`s, jacks, trevallys, napoleon, 5 grey reef
`s @ corner
              - Gangehi Beyru (N.ARI) – after snorkelling with manta ray`s. tunas, napleon, white tip shark`s

18/11  - Miyaruga Thila (N.ARI) – 3 grey reef shark`s, juvenile white tips, bat fish, trevally…
              - Hafusha Thila (N.ARI) – aquarium dive no current. lots of white tip shark`s, trevally,
                juvenile eagle ray swam with us  for nealy 10mins
              - Maaya Thila (N.ARI) – 3 grey reef shark`s, white tip sharks`s, turtle`s, sting ray
              – Maaya Thila (N.ARI) - nite dive: sting ray directly under boat, hunting moray`s, white tips,
                1 juvenile grey reef shark, turtle`s

19/11  - Fish Head (N.ARI) - Jacks, trevallys, turtles, sting ray, 2 grey reef shark`s
              - Dega Thila (S.ARI) – yellow paper scorpion fish, jacks, trevallys, turtle, bat fish, white tip sahrk
              – Radhdhiggaa Thila (S.ARI) – baracudas, white tips, bat fish, tunas, nudibranch`es, flatworms…

20/11  – Machchafushi Wreck (S.ARI) – guitar shark @ 30m, sting ray`s, bat fish
              – Snorkeling with whale sharks @ Maamigili Beyru – check out the Video
              - Holiday Island (S.ARI) – 1 whale shark, 25mobulae, turtle`s, white tip shark`s
              – Ariyadhoo Beyru (S.ARI) – snappers, sweetlips, napoleon

21/11  - 5 Rocks (S.ARI) – strong current, crossed from main reef. big napoleon, giant baracuda,
                tunas, white tip shark`s..
              - Kuda Giri Wreck (S.MALE) – brown paper scorpionfish, jacks, trevallys, tunas, nudibranches
                Traveling back to Male….

23/11  - Lankan Manta Point (N.MALE) – 6 manta ray`s on cleaning station, plus another 7 around station.
              – Feydhoo Finolhu (N.MALE) – nice wall dive, drift dive. green sea turtle
              – Maaya Thila (N.ARI) - lots of white tip shark`s hunting on top reef, along with 2 giant morays
                 fighting each other. Black spotted sting ray on top reef. 2 Hawksbill turtle`s and a cuttlefish

24/11  - Hafusha Thila (N.ARI) – Straight down to top reef, 6 adult grey reef shark`s, 1 pregnant, and
                1 juvenile grey reef shark, white tip shark`s, dog tooth tunas
              – Fesdu Wreck (N.ARI) – garden eels, nudibranch`es, white tip
              – Fish Head (N.ARI) - 5 grey reef shark`s with 4 white tip shark`s and 2 napoleon`s with hawksbill. lots of trevally
                and giant trevally, some sting ray`s in overhangs. end of dive 2 grey reef shark`s on top reef.
25/1 1 – Omadhoo Thila (S.ARI) – tunas, red snappers, sweetlips, soft corals
              - Black Coral (S.ARI) – turtle, sting ray, moray eal`s, black coral bushes, juvenile white tip shark`s
              - Dega Thila (S.ARI) – sting ray`s, overhangs, trevally, no leaf fish

26/11  - Radhdhiggaa Thila (S.ARI) – grey reef shark`s, soft corals, sea fans, trevally…
              - Snorkelling with 2 whale sharkscheck out the Video
              - Maamigili Beyru (S.ARI) – 1 whale shark on the dive!
              – Kudarah Thila (S.ARI) - short headed anemone shrimps, blue stripped snapper`s,
                seafan`s, soft corals

sounds good?

This could be your scuba diving holidays in maldives. See more details about the comfortable maldives diving liveaboard MV Orion here … We are happy to be at your service in case you have more questions or if you want to place your booking for your scuba dive cruise in Maldives.

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